I didn’t find the origins of this observance, but who cares? It’s coffee! Of course, coffee pairs beautifully with books. If you add a cat and a blanket, then you really have a heavenly condition.

The “wine of Arabia,” coffee was first discovered in 15th century Yemen. The most popular origin story is that it came from a port city in the Highlands on the southern tip of the Red Sea, known as Al-Mokha (also spelled Mocha). According to Corby Kummer (in his book The Joy Of Coffee), mocha would later be associated with chocolate thanks to 17th century Europeans’ first experiences with cocoa. They said the taste “reminded them of the bittersweet coffee they imported from Yemen.”

For as much as I love tea (spice tea in particular), I will also treasure a wonderful cup of Colombian with Coldstone Creamery sweet cream coffee creamer. How do you take your Java?

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