I have gotten into more conversations about punctuation than I can say. The hottest debate? The Oxford Comma!

Now, if you don’t think punctuation matters, you’d be seriously wrong. I’m not saying that because I am an author and an editor. I don’t subscribe to the Oxford comma (or serial comma) simply because I was taught that in Minnesota school systems (though my husband was NOT taught it in Wisconsin school systems). I am saying it all matters and to use the Oxford comma because it actually cost a Maine diary company $5 million dollars for thinking it didn’t make a difference.

When you are sitting in class, wondering why you have to learn the stupid things you don’t think you’ll ever need in “real life,” Let me tell you – YOU NEED IT. If you ever have to sign a contract, write a list for someone (especially an employee), or even help your kids with homework – it matters.

So, today, when we celebrate the punctuation that helps us to define our words and add expression and meaning to our text, remember to appreciate what you are learning, know, and will continue to discover!

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