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There is a world around us that most people don’t take the time to see.

Mara Stone’s world was shaken, but she is a fighter. As she starts to rebuild her life, the web of her family’s secrets continues to unravel. Facing new adversaries while forced to confront her fear of losing everything she holds dear, Mara learns what it truly means to Protect the Magic. But is it worth the cost?

Finding themselves trapped in the cold world of Snowstrum, Mara and Cole are faced with a choice. Will they choose to be true to their promises and protect the magic, or fall prey to their greed, following their own desires instead? Will magic be enough to free them from the icy fortress imprisoning them?

The second book in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic series, Exigency, is a compelling, magical coming of age fantasy tale.

What Readers Are Saying! 

“Exigency has the same engaging characters from Remember, but new characters bring out the dark side of the world of magic. The storyline kept me guessing and wondering what would happen next.”

“As is often the case with a good series, this book was even better than the first. The plot continues to twist and Mara finds herself in a much darker and more dangerous situation than any she’s been in before. There were many moments when I found myself holding my breath as I tried to figure out what was going to happen next. “

“I love the new world that she immerses us in while she continues to deepen our characters that we have grown to love. How can we love and hate some of them at the same time? Maybe that’s why even though they are so other-worldly, we can also relate to them so well. Expect lots of twists and turns, surprises, and the vivid detail that Cate is known for.”

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