Listening to Radio 2 the other morning, Barbara Streisand was being interviewed and she talked about her new album. She mentioned how she would soon be singing in Hyde Park. “I always get nervous before a concert,” she said. “What if no one comes?”

I was aghast. Was she kidding? She was Streisand!

This then reminded me of an interview with Sarah Lancashire, (Coronation Street, Happy Happy Valley, Kiri, Last Tango in Halifax). I consider her to be one of the great three British actresses who are incredibly versatile, and brilliant at what they do. The other two being Suranne Jones and Nicola Walker. Sarah said that she doesn’t like watching herself on the screen, but there are times when she has to. “I watch all the other great actors act their part, then in walk I…..” She grunted. Again, this really shocked me. If you have ever seen Sarah Lancashire act, you will understand why.

It is hard to believe that people who are so good at what they do can doubt themselves and their abilities.

Autobiographies are a great way of getting to know the people behind the persona.

On a personal level, have you ever met a famous person? If you have, do tell us about it. I have also collected a few stories from other people and shared them on my Magic of Stories blog.

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