Twins are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. They can have one embryo which splits and forms two, or each twin can develop from a separate egg,  and each one is fertilized by its own sperm cell.

I could never imagine bringing up twins, one baby was hard work, but I expect two is something you get used to. Twins Trust will support parents with two babies and finding other parents who have twins and triplets will be a great source of help to any new parent.

Our latest release is due out this month and features twins Cassidy and Sebastian Newbold. One is a clairvoyant and the is a police detective. Together they join forces to find a killer and a missing girl. Available now for pre-order. Publication date 17th August.

This made me think of a book I read about twins back in the eighties. In fact, I read it twice because I loved it so much. It was about two sisters, twins, who were unhappy with their marriages and their lives in general. They decide to swap roles. Unfortunately, one of them is killed in a plane crash leaving the other in a difficult situation. It was a brilliant book although, I recall how hard it was to get into at the beginning, but once I’d turned the corner, I couldn’t put it down.

The only thing I remembered about the story was that there was also a film made from it with Stephanie Powers playing the lead role. So through that, I located the book on Amazon, although it only appears to be available as a paperback.

I’ve also included a couple of best sellers that include twins.

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