Book One of The Uluru Legacy Series

The Award-Winning Vampire Debut By Texas’s Own,
Anna J. Walner

Released and published by Silver Dawn Publishing, this book is available in audio and eBook across all platforms!

Amelia’s journey to find the truth behind her adoption twenty-five years ago, might end up being just a quick tour around the sights and a visit with her biological family.

Or it could reveal a more mysterious and shocking history to her lineage than she thought possible. The realization that vampires and werewolves have existed all along in secret. A place called The Colony.

Amelia realizes she must make a choice. Join The Colony and her family, or literally be made to forget they ever existed in the first place.

The thrilling debut of The Uluru Legacy Series will change the vampire and werewolf rulebook. Blending myth with reality, it provides a truly unique and realistic spin on the genre you love.



Anna J. Walner is a mother and a published author. She has always had a passion for writing, spending her life obsessed with literature. As an author, her creativity has grown. She not only reads the stories she loves, but she creates them too. She began this quest for her daughter. The series is written for her, with her in mind. From there, her ideas continued to form and grow.

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