My Dad was interested in anything to do with the war. He particularly enjoyed recounting the war stories passed on by his father.

Last year, I was involved in an anthology to celebrate VE Day and this gave me the chance to write about the stories that my dad passed on to me. It also allowed me, and the other five authors to dedicate our stories to someone. Cyril Parry of Chester has now gone down in print and all those that read the story will know his name. His last remaining son, my uncle, now in his seventies, was thrilled.

My story is fiction, but by using part of Grandpa’s history, brought The Dome of St Paul’s alive.

I must also mention the other five stories which are haunting, nostalgic, poignant, and amusing, as they take you back in time.

Now, my intention was to finish this blog with a book about D-Day 6th June. Back in the seventies, D-Day 6th June was imprinted on my mind because it was the title of a book I read. I was only a young girl at the time. It was a fiction story based on that day. The title had the date in big letters across the cover. Unfortunately, I do not remember the actual storyline, but recall how much I enjoyed it.

For some reason, I always had it in my mind it was written by Dennis Wheatley, even though I know he wrote dark stories such as The Devil Rides Out. It was only when I came to look for the book on Amazon, I saw that it was not written by him. I was then unsure of the layout of the title. So without a title and an author, I am pretty much stuffed! One thing I am certain about is that it was written by one of the big authors of the time. Despite many searches on Google and Amazon, I am unable to locate it in time and it’s not particularly good when the article is about the anniversary of the D-Day Landings!

Instead, the book that came up numerous times in my search is this one, and for sure this will bug me till I find out what out the correct title and author is. Meanwhile, if on the remotest chance you have any idea what I am talking about, please, please, put me out of my misery and let me know!

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