I still have some scrapbooks I made as a teenager over forty years ago. At the time, I was besotted with the actor Tommy Lee Jones. He was extremely good-looking when he was a young man, and in those days there was no internet for me to gaze lovingly into his eyes. The only place I could see him was on the screen.

Occasionally, film fairs came to Manchester, where I lived, and I went along hoping to pick up some memorabilia. I found nothing at all on Tommy Lee Jones and imagine my surprise when no one had even heard of him. I collected enough clippings over the years and as his career blossomed and so did my scrapbook.

Family history is a great way to keep all your information together, especially if your grandparents are still alive. I was fortunate enough to write the family stories passed down through them from their parents and grandparents. I put them into a scrapbook and years later, when I came to do my own family tree, found they enhanced the data I had collected.

Another album I have contains newspaper cuttings. I used to love writing to our local newspaper about the TV programmes I enjoyed watching. Also, my grandparents lived in a small town and were president of this or chairman of that, and often asked to judge competitions, or they held charity garden fetes. When they appeared in the local newspaper, I would cut them out for my scrapbook.

To mark this day, why not start a new hobby?

Below are some books from Amazon to get you started and to see scrapbooking visually, I have included a couple of YouTube channels, too.

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Scrapbooking – UK site or US Site


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