Bao Lu is the twelfth grader from Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, New York who designed the 2021 poster above

April is all about poetry.

It’s a time to explore language, tempo, rhythm… ideas. Poetry is limitless. It is a reflection of everyday life while displaying a beauty that’s written, heard, and felt. It is transcendent.

There are many forms of poems available. Here is a LIST of 168 types of poetry – imagine that! There’s the sonnet, stanzas, quatrain, ballade, haiku… Poems with punctuation, without, and everything in between. But what ALL poetry has in common is that it reflects the human condition. It retains history of culture and society. It binds us.

Poetry is meant to give meaning… meaning to experiences. To teach us without putting us in harms way and to help develop language, written and oral communication, and critical thinking. It is a component of literacy.


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