In 2013 when I worked for a call centre and the office was open-plan holding around 300 people. Someone thought it a good idea to come into work wearing our dressing gowns and slippers to work. Now, I rarely take part in something like this as it felt foreign and strange, even more so, when you leave your house and drive to work feeling very silly. I dreaded getting out of the car in the car park and walking in through reception. It made me feel better when I saw other people walking rather sheepishly into the office wearing dressing gowns and slippers.

I found it amusing to see our ‘bosses’ wandering around talking shop in their nightwear. Some of them went into a meeting and sat around the table. One even had rollers in her hair! It amazed me how they could sit straight-faced talking shop without falling into a fit of giggles. Maybe they did, and I missed it.

A few people took it as an excuse to take up all the chairs in the canteen and snooze, others pretended to nap at their desks. It was amazing how it completely changed the atmosphere around the office. People you rarely spoke to would smile and exchange a quip or two.

I can honestly say it was a great day, but something I would not like to repeat!

Have you ever found yourself in a crazy situation at work that was humourous? Did you dress up? I would love to hear about it.

Meanwhile, talking of humour, I looked up the top humorous books on Amazon, and here they are. Have you read any of them? I love Billy Connolly, so it is one I will consider.

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