Every year, on February 14th, love is celebrated. However, well most are celebrating with chocolate and flowers, others are rejoicing with the exchange of books. See, it isn’t just Valentine’s Day or even Library Lovers’ Day – it’s International Book Giving Day!

In today’s world, it might surprise you to know that most children do not own books. This vital tool for developing cognitive thinking, empathy, emotional bonds, and so much more isn’t available to most of the children in developing countries. More so, it is estimated that one-third of children in the United Kingdom and two-thirds in the United States are bookless. Astounding, isn’t it? And, we wonder why literacy is an issue throughout the world!

This day is about getting books into the hands of babes. It is about feeding their souls with stories, their minds with imagination, and their hearts with hope. Through reading, they will develop critical thinking, expand their vocabulary and understanding, and find an escape into the characters, worlds, and tales that help comfort, support, and entertain us through life. Isn’t that even more important now, in this isolated world of covid-19?

Some great books to read together or to give as a gift:

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