February 11th is Making Friends Day, and I want to tell you about the friends I’ve made. It happened in July or August of last year. I was a subscriber to the Norns Triad Publishing newsletter. I had my own newsletter, and I received lots of newsletters from authors, but there was something special about this one.

For a start, it attracted me visually. I liked the content and particularly liked the way three authors worked together, not only promoting themselves in the newsletter, but telling us about other authors, too. So I approached them and literally asked if I could join. What I didn’t know was the friendships I would make from the union.

J. M. Northup, Julie, and Sahara Foley, two of the Norns ladies, and both acclaimed writers, and I speak every day. It doesn’t matter that we are thousands of miles apart, nor does matter that our timelines are different, either. When I am having lunch, they are just getting up, and when I am going to bed, they are in the middle of the day.

We’ve become more than just authors working together, we have bonded, and may one day when the world returns to normal, we may get to meet in person. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

The newsletter is now mine too, and I am extremely proud of it. You will find this blog and a lot more of me there. Here is the link for you to see exactly what I mean.

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