Though Hugo Gernsback is the one credited for coining the phrase Science Fiction and popularizing it as a literary form, this day is celebrated on Isaac Asimov‘s birthday due to his considerable contributions to the genre. He, along with Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, were considered the “Big Three” masters of their time. Of course, I would be remiss to mention the award-winning sci-fi author ever, Robert J. Sawyer, particularly since he is only one of either to have won all three of the top awards in the genre of science fiction ( the Nebula Award in 1995the Hugo Award in 2003, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 2006) and the only Canadian to have done it to date!

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Since at least 2011, science fiction lovers have been honoring Isaac Asimov and other science fiction contributors. In 2013, published a guest editorial by Ed Finn. The writer talks about doomsday predictions while also looking toward the future – all moving toward the true meaning of National Science Fiction Day. Read the complete article, Celebrate National Science Fiction Day by Learning to Live in the Future.”

Celebrate today by enjoying an old classic from one of the great masters or by picking up a new thrilling adventure. Partake in cosplay or sit back and immerse in the worlds of Star Trek, X-Files, Dr. Who, or Supernatural!

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