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This is a fairly good presentation of
the writing process

It takes a lot to take write a book. There are many steps involved to go from concept to publication. From draft to sales, you have multiple rewrites, edit passes (including self, professional editing services, and beta readers), formatting, cover design, blurbs, and what avenue you want to pursue for publishing (traditional, small press, or self-publish). Authors invest not only much of themselves creatively into their characters and stories, but a great deal of money and thought. Then, the hard part starts… marketing and advertising. Ugh. Let me just say, I am an artist, not a saleswoman.

November 1st is National Author’s Day – a day set aside to show appreciation for the efforts authors make to bring readers their beloved books and characters. It is a day to say, ‘thank you’. Officially recognized by the U. S. Department of Commerce in 1949, this is a time to celebrate the literary artists of the world.

Here are some suggested ways to do that:

  • Write a review
  • Send a letter or message to your favorite author
  • Buy a book for you and/or a friend
  • Share a post online about your favorite author and/or book(s)
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