FAMILY LITERACY – A Day To Start The Month

Everyone knows that reading is important for strengthening knowledge and communication. Still, there are many more reasons to pick up a book and enjoy it – even more to share it with your family. After all, learning starts at home!

Research shows that parents and caregivers who read aloud to children are the best way to prepare them to become readers themselves. So, in 1994, the first National Family Literacy Day was held to help highlight the importance of family literacy, parental encouragement, and websites & organizations available with resources. It was created by the National Center for Families’ Learning President and Founder, Sharon Darling. This led to National Family Literacy Month, celebrated in November.

Families reading together not only help to connect them through shared ideas, they increase their attention spans and enhance their listening skills. It opens up dialogue between family members, brings up new topics for discussion, and develops communication skills. It, also, improves imagination and creativity, which interplays with individuality and confidence. All good things!


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