Some people like a man in uniform. For me it’s always been motorcycle leathers.

My teenager years were firmly planted in the seventies and it was then I noticed this phenomenon. These were the days when tasseled leather jackets showed off broad shoulders, and full helmets hid faces. When they were removed, there was an abundance of long hair and pure masculinity. They were always of a similar age to me as well.

These days, leathers are full body, clinging in way that makes the heart beat a little faster with every curve accentuated with beautiful long legs and torsos.

But the days of youth and motor bikes are gone and I’m not so easily fooled now. But a girl can dream.

Many men still retain their youthful bodies, and I wait with bated breath as they uncurl themselves from their machines, stretching to their full height, and then it happens. They reach up to remove their helmet… and I wait…in anticipation. In that moment I can dream, I can imagine…

More often than not, the beast of a bike and the full leathers are not afforded on a youth’s wage. Still, I wait and hope. Sometimes I am rewarded as there are still many handsome older men out there, but too often, I’m not. I’m presented with flat, thinning grey hair, and face that looks looks like a roadmap.

However, being a writer my imagination knows no bounds. When helmets are removed, readers are rewarded with handsome good looks that match every curvature of their leather clad bodies.

Two of my books contain these alluring creatures. They will melt every girl’s heart in such a way, they’ll be watching every helmet removal.

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The biker in this book is a Tommy. He is any girl’s ideal boyfriend; good-looking and caring. The problem is Kerry has terrible secret and is terrifies of Tommy get too close. Young love, set in the seventies, where secrets like this stay behind closed doors.

Damien Mathers is a super bike champion and a part time model. He comes to Cassie, ma clairvoyant asking for help to remove a ghost from a house. Bowled over by his looks, Cassie’s gift may just drive him away instead.

By permission of AMH Photography

Excerpt from Behind Closed Doors

The following day, as she came out of work, Tommy was sitting on his bike, waiting for her. She loved it when he unexpectedly finished early and came to meet her.

As she walked over, she knew any moment he would remove his helmet and his hair would fall over his face. Unconsciously, he would flick it back. She was excited with anticipation, loving the way he looked.

Approaching, she watched him. His helmet came off and his hand flicked it away and his eyes never left hers. Something inside her pinged and the feeling she had for days came back with intensity.

“My little Snow White,” he murmured, greeting her with a kiss as his arm grasped her waist, pulling her toward him. He rubbed his cheek against hers before planting a kiss on her lips.

“How’s the wrist?” he asked.

“Fine.” It was still bandaged, but much better.

As her chin disappeared into his neck, the words spilled out of her mouth. “Oh, God, Tommy, I do love you.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered and his hot breath touched her ear. For a moment, she remembered how Bill had taught her things she didn’t want to know. Now they they made sense. She knew soon Tommy would make it right and banish away those bad memories forever.