September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month



This observance is considered to have begun in 1987 when Secretary of Education William J. Bennett said, “Let’s have a national campaign…every child should obtain a library card – and use it.”

“This September, DC’s Wonder Woman is embarking on a new mission to champion the power of a library card as Library Card Sign-up Month Honorary Chair. A founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is known for strength, compassion and truth. Armed with the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman makes a perfect ambassador to support the value of learning and the role libraries play in transforming lives and strengthening communities through education.”

Did you know there are some great PERKS to having a library card?  There are many benefits you many not realize you and your family have, such as access to thousands of free, unlimited audiobooks, digital comics, and ebooks as well as free movie streaming.  These are available even without leaving your home , which is a plus in our new world of social-distancing.  Of course, if you want to venture out on some adventures, you could always look into the option of using your library card as a free pass into museums.

Why not contact your local library and see what’s waiting for you to discover!

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