3 zucchinis (cubed)
Cooking Oil or spray
1 tbsp butter

            (Not original recipe but it gives flavor that I like)

1 cup water
4 shakes minced onion

            (This is not in the original recipe. If you have an onion on hand, you could saute it the zucchini.)

1 packet of Top Ramen Chicken Seasoning Packet

(The recipe calls for one chicken bouillon cube.  I don’t have those on hand.  I wonder if you could substitute chicken broth?

This is how I did it.  Clearly, you could sauté all in the Ninja or do the entire process on stove top

  1. Over medium heat, sauté the zucchini to give them a crispy brown color
  2. In your Ninja Foodi (or equivalent), melt 1 tbsp butter.
  3. Add cooked zucchini and water to the pot. 
  4. Now it’s time to Pressure Cook it!  The stovetop version calls for a 4-hour slow cook.  I chose the faster 30-minute pressure cooker version.
  5. Stir the mushy goodness and have it with your favorite pasta or on top of chicken. Honestly, it is yummy enough to eat alone 😉
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