Horseman boyfriend rescued? Check. Vampire screwing everything up? Of course.
Two Horsemen down. One to go…
For centuries three Horsemen have reigned, their corruption unchecked. Until recently, the entire fae realm was unknown to humans. That is until their wicked ways turned the skies of the human world to ash. The royal Horsemen’s iron rule plagued everything they touched. But no longer. 
With Famine and Death gone, things have come to a boiling point. The battle between worlds and wills was inevitable. Together, Bram and Chloe honed their sights on the most evil fae, the Horseman of Conquest. They must find a way to end her cruel blood-thirsty grasp over humanity once and for all. But how? Avery can’t be killed. 
Complicating their situation, Avery imprisoned Mary in the Hamadryad Forrest, a death sentence for the witch. The master vampire Mordecai seems hell-bent on mucking up everything with his blind good intentions as well. Cue his enabling the prophecy of the Three Fates to arise. The three sister witches believe they are destined to become all-powerful hybrids, one vampire-witch, one werewolf-witch, and one unstoppable Horseman-witch hybrid. The Moirai sisters may just become Chloe’s and Bram’s biggest threat yet.
The end of Chloe’s world was only the beginning…

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