World UFO Day - June 24 & July 2
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This is a day when two separate occasions are recognized and remembered. The first is from June 24, 1947 when Kenneth Arnold reported seeing UFOs over Mount Rainier. The second, of course, if Roswell. Whether you believe or not, you have to admit, this makes the best foundations for science fiction… and, in some cases, actual science!

The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs
2001: A Space Odyssey (Space Odyssey Series)
Chariots of the Gods: 50th Anniversary Edition
The Anunnaki Connection: Sumerian Gods, Alien DNA, and the Fate of Humanity (From Eden to Armageddon)

The War of the Worlds (Signet Classics)
A Brief History of Ufology: 1941–2011: Significant UFO Events Throughout the Modern Era
RV-UFO-NWO Remote Viewing, Ufology & The Alien New World Order
Roswell: The Chronological Pictorial

The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site
STARGATE SG-1: Roswell
Project Blue Book: The Top Secret UFO Files that Revealed a Government Cover-Up (MUFON)
The UFO experience – A scientific inquiry

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