Theresa‘s review – Aug 31, 2014
It was amazing
JMN - Prisoner Within Wrap FINAL-003.jpg
A Prisoner Within by J.M. Northup

Isbn 1494985586 (ISBN13: 9781494985585)
published April 9th 2014

I have read many books that look into the human condition. I found that A Prisoner Within, shows a neglected part of the human condition. I know of only one other book that looks at the controversy of Psychological disorders, and like I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, this book has a difficult topic.
Julie Northup looks at our perceptions of the stories of young children. Tiffany’s mother is in absolute control of her daughter’s life. Following the death of her grandmother Tiffany finds her life unbearable. She has good reason to be depressed, and over whelmed as her mother continually gains control of her life, lies about her behavior and manipulates the world.
This book looks at the dynamics of family relationships, and how society perceives mental illness. Tiffany’s mother uses society’s assumption that mental disorders cause problems for those who suffer mental illness and that all their behaviors can be explained. Tiffany shows how perception can color your world and make people over look obvious abuse and neglect. Insights and perception of this character, not only of her illness, but of life, love and forgiveness can change your perception.
I used a quote from this book on my Facebook page, because the words were something I needed to hear. I found other passages that can change my perception of life and other people this is an inspiring book. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to read it.
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